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Formação franco-alemã-portuguesa sobre animação intercultural online


The WTF?! Conversations all through March 2022 gave us a lot to think, feel, talk, play with — and we want to keep going! Based on the experience of the four WTF?! Sessions, we are offering two more opportunities to get together and feel, play, ask, think, talk, share, and be with each other and with the world. Join us!

Tuesday 22 March, 6:30 pm WET / 7:30 pm CET
Tuesday 05 April, 18:30 WET / 19:30 CET

On Zoom. Send an email to to get the link.

We are lost for words every time we see the latest news. We think of all the things we don't see in the news. We are feeling so many different emotions about what is going on. We are tired after two years of a pandemic. We are not sure how to talk about it all. We can't stop talking about it all.
Let's do it together! Let's share a space for just being with it all with no judgments! Let's talk, ask, play, cry, listen...
You don't have to speak "good English" or to "know" anything about what's going on. We are not about exchanging opinions or being experts in geopolitics.
Let's explore how it is not do knowing at all, let's feel it all with each other.
In the face of war and the rise of polarized discourse, we are committed to offering a space for togetherness, for thinking and feeling out loud, for the questions we're afraid to ask, for all our fears. We want to explore together how to have these conversations, the crises multiply.

Join us (Lea Cikos, Morgane Masterman, Associação Faísca Voadora, Volonterski Centar Vojvodine) on zoom to participate in these "WTF?! Conversations", and let's be with what is going on, together. 

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