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Our workspace is located at Largo António Joaquim Correia, 13, in Setúbal.

Opened in 2021, Makis is the name of the physical space of the Faísca Voadora association, and so its opening was an essential stage in the organization's growth. For this occasion, we organized its open doors in September.

This space is shared with co-workers.

The idea of this place is also that it is an open and shared space with anyone who wants to propose collective activities.

In this sense, we also organize several events: workshop for children and/or adults, freeshop, cine/debate, dance class, yoga/meditation class... The events are created by people's wishes. Our desire is then to dynamize and bring life to this space that Makis. If you want to share anything, don't hesitate to contact us.

Open doors 2021

Events 2022

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