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We offer various services in the area of languages and intercultural, non-formal and creative training. If you are interested in one of our services, please contact us at

  • Training in intercultural and linguistic animation for professionals

Training sessions on methods of intercultural and linguistic animation in non-formal education based on active and participatory methodologies.


Target groups: project coordinators, community facilitators and other educational workers (teachers, mediators, etc.).


Aims: to provide workers of the field with practical methodologies for the implementation of non-formal, active and participative activities which allow intercultural dialogue, mutual knowledge of different cultures and languages, promoting the social cohesion of communities.


More information on language animation here:

  • Intercultural animation for children and young people

Target group: project participants, people from different cultural backgrounds.


This programme offers intercultural play/games sessions and participatory dynamics aiming at promoting dialogue between different cultures and languages among children, young people or adults (activities directed and adapted for different age groups).

  • Creative Language Classes

Portuguese, French, English, German

For groups and individuals, we offer language classes with creative and active methods adapted to any level. Contact us to create and budget a personalised training plan.

An example of a format: For a group of 3 to 8 people between the ages of 15 and 25 who are beginners in German, we recommend 1 hour online per week for 8 weeks. Base price: 1200 euros to be divided by the group.

  • Graphic facilitation

Target group: Professionals or volunteers in the field of formal and non-formal education, youth, social and community development.

Graphic facilitation techniques (also known as visual facilitation) make facilitation more fluid, support and strengthen the transmission of content and information and allow the representation of various elements in a more stimulating and impactful way. This training provides an introduction to the techniques and tools of graphic facilitation, allowing the design and creation of graphic and simple documents and the translation of complex content into visual language. The training will also question the issue of representations and symbols, allowing a reflection on stereotypes and what we communicate and reproduce non-verbally in our daily practices ...

  • Participatory podcasts

Target group: Young people.


Using radio podcasting as a tool, we’ll work around themes of social relevance (interculturality, racism, gender, etc) through non-formal and participatory methodologies. The exploration of the contents will lead to the creation of audio contents which can then be disseminated locally, resulting in podcasts on the different themes dealt with.

  • Workshop: Ephemeral Museum of Memory

Target groups: diverse groups, intergenerational groups.


Aim: To interweave personal stories and collective memory.

Each person brings an object, ordinary or extraordinary, personal or familiar, from which they can tell a story and share a little of their identity. Through games and participative activities, it is a moment of intercultural and intergenerational conversation.

  • Translation and Interpreting

For events and documents, we offer customised language services with various combinations of the following languages: Portuguese, German, English, French, Spanish.

  • Online group facilitation

Do you need ideas for methods? Support with planning, implementation or moderation for an online video conference? 

We will be happy to help you. 

The Faísca team has a lot of experience in working with online groups, especially in educational and multilingual contexts. We adapt completely to your group. 


Languages of work: Portuguese, English, French, German.

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