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Associação Faísca Voadora é uma pequena associação baseada em Almada (Portugal).

O nosso objetivo é promover a interculturalidade, através da implementação de projetos interculturais locais e internacionais, sempre creativamente.

Queremos que as nossas atividades sejam ativamente inclusivas e acessíveis a qualquer pessoas independentemente da sua identidade ou expressão de género, nacionalidade, orientação sexual, religião, idade, racialização, situação financeira, educação, ou outro critério semelhante. 


Associação Faísca Voadora is a small organisation based in Almada and Setúbal, south of the Tejo river, in Portugal.


Our aim is to promote interculturality, through the implementation of local and international intercultural projects, always with creativity.

We want our activities to be actively inclusive and accessible to all people regardless of their gender identity or expression, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, age, racialisation, financial situation, education, or other similar criteria.



Our organisation was founded in 2018 and aims to:

  • promote intercultural, artistic and educational activities of various kinds
  • propose innovative and experimental activities in the field of non-formal and informal education

  • promote access to culture, training, to all forms of learning processes for every person at any moment of their life and regardless of nationality, religion, economic situation, culture, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation or any other such criteria

  • promote the encounter between diverse cultures (whether local or national), conviviality beyond differences that may exist as well as mutual comprehension

  • act for human rights, promote concrete and daily actions for equality, against any form of discrimination and exclusion, for the expression and visibility of every person and in particular those belonging to excluded or marginalised communities.


On a local level, we organise events, meetings and creative workshops in cooperation with various local organisations.
On an international level, with partner organisations, we organise intercultural youth exchanges and training on various topics in different countries thanks to funding from the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme and the French-German Youth Office.
We are also part of several international networks and a KA2 strategic partnerships project.


We particularly like to work with:

  • intercultural animation methods

  • language animation

  • comics and non-normative graphic representation

  • participatory forms of theatre and body expression

  • radio as an intercultural tool

  • music as an intergenerational and pedagogical tool

  • online animation methods


  • inclusion and diversity

  • gender and LGBTQI* questions

  • climate change and sustainability

  • migrations and interculturality

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